From early morning until late at night Sparklyn Hotels & Suites offers a delicious array of fine food and drink in exceptional surroundings.

Come visit our restaurants & bars, where you can enjoy a variety of freshly prepared and gourmet foods from any of our four different seating areas, with everything from an executive lounge bar/ coffee shop to a wine bar, continental restaurant. It’s a true African-inspired marketplace that’s accessible, convenient and, most importantly, somewhere that offers delicious food at affordable prices. We hope you’ll join us soon!

Look no further than Sparklyn Hotels & Suites GRA for great dining and entertainment. Whether it’s a quiet dinner for two or discussing business over a bite, try the Akufine Cuisine restaurant located on the ground floor. It’s a modern Continental/National restaurant featuring expertly and simply prepared dishes that offer exceptional dining . The menu is highlighted by an array of flavorful and classic comfort foods. Sit back, relax and enjoy the taste of its continental and chinese cuisine.

Restaurants & Bars of Sparklyn Hotels and Suites GRA

Akufine Cuisine Restaurant

Start your day with a Sparklyn Hotels Breakfast, this buffet style restaurant offers a wide range of foods including chinese / continental cusine to tantalise your tastebuds.

Let us take you on a tour around the world each dinnertime with our exotic theme nights.

On weekends, we have exotic buffet, lunch and dinner.

Executive Lounge & Bar

Throughout the day, you are welcomed to take a break and relax at the Executive Lounge and Bar. Whether to surf the internet, have a speciality coffee or enjoy a flute of champagne. The Sparklyn Hotels Executive Lounge and Bar will meet your needs in a comfortable atmosphere.

Monday-Sunday 10.00am – Midnight

Catering Services

We cater to a broad array of events and meetings from conferences, conventions, awards banquets, and weddings, to every kind of special social and business event. Working closely with our award-winning Executive Chef, the Events and Catering staff will create an atmosphere perfect for your needs.